To Love a Warrior, The Isle of Mull Series, Book 3 ~ ebook

To Love a Warrior, The Isle of Mull Series, Book 3 ~ ebook

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"Brilliant!" ~ Amazon Reviewer

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Destinies unfold. Secrets are revealed. The Isle of Mull will be forever changed. 

Half Highlander, half Viking, Garik MacKinnon was not born on the Scottish Isle of Mull, but fostered there in his youth. Now, he leaves behind his home, once more bound for Mull, to join the MacKinnon warriors as they answer Robert the Bruce’s call to arms. He is ready for battle, eager to fight for Scotland’s freedom. What he is not prepared for is his encounter with Nellore, a shield maiden from Mull, whose allure defies all reason.

Nellore has the strength and skill of a warrior but the heart of a woman. When the men are called away to war Nellore must aid those left behind to safeguard their village against attacks from the MacLeans—a feuding clan to the south. She understands her duty to her clan. She is ready to take up arms against the enemy if need be. What she is not ready for is the ache that fills her heart when war pulls Garik from her side. 

Desire ignites and battles are waged as both Nellore and Garik learn what it means to love a warrior.

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