Ian: A Scottish Outlaw, Book 6

Ian: A Scottish Outlaw, Book 6

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"A marvelous book! I was hooked from the very beginning.." ~ Amazon reviewer

"Best one yet!" ~ Amazon reviewer

To escape imminent danger, Scottish lady Jocelyn Ferguson, flees her home and the comforts of her station to live as an English commoner. She knows not who hunts her or why, only that she must trust no one.

Ian MacVie belongs to a network of secret rebels, and is on a mission for Scotland when he encounters a peasant girl, Jo, traveling alone. She refuses his offer of escort, but Scotland's 'gentle giant' cannot allow a woman to traverse war-torn lands alone. He vows to protect her...even from herself.

What neither of them realize is that Jo may be the key to ridding Scotland of English tyranny once and for all.